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TRADE SERVICE LOGISTICS started its activities back in 1990 as a consulting and outsourcing partnership in international trading. In 1995 added its international freight operations and immediately after formed its legal consulting department, counting with in house lawyers group. In 1999 opens its domestic transport division, named TANGARÁ TRANSPORTES E LOGISTICA.

Our activities cover a wide range of services, as international transportation logistics, customs clearing for imported and exported materials, domestic trucking, outsourcing in import and export areas, always with effective cost reduction and overall process quality improvement. Our competence and knowledge in international logistics, always bonded to the highest ethic operational and managerial procedures result in value generation to our customers, in the way of services to and or from anywhere in the world. We manage and handle logistics in several economic segments, as, f.ex., chemical and pharmaceutical, food, metallurgic, informatics, arts, among others, attending either big multinational corporations, medium and small companies with the same efficiency and capability.

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